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The Use of Mixed Reality Solutions for Streamlined Inventory Management Paweł Gawkowski at Solution4Labs (April 2021).

The EMA Countdown to Data Innovation Remco Munnik at Iperion (April 2021).

Anatomic Pathology in the Digital Era Greg Cox at ICON Laboratory Services (April 2021).

Driving Sustainable Discovery with Lab Digitalisation Tola Olorunnisola at Avantor Sciences (April 2021).

The Race for the COVID-19 Vaccine Dr Chelsea Pratt at Bio-Rad Laboratories (April 2021).

Behind the Molecular Cookie Cutter Professor Tim Dafforn at the University of Birmingham (April 2021).

Technology in Antibody Detection for SARS-CoV-2 Dr Shuting Xu at GenScript (April 2021).

CPhI Discover: Pharma Grows Through Partnering CPhI Discover Event Preview (April 2021).

Proteomics Technology Advances Discoveries in Dementia Detection and Treatment Dr Andrew Webb at the WEHI Proteomics Laboratory (April 2021).

Real-Time Monitoring of Viral Gene Expression for Genetic and Anti-Viral Drug Screening BMG LabTech (April 2021).

The Sweet Spot of Operation David Beattie at Merck (April 2021).

LC-MS in Drug Discovery and Drug Development Victoria Ordsmith at Microsaic Systems and Ray West at Axcend (April 2021).

Determining the Physical Robustness in Post-Lyo Cakes Dr Kevin R Ward, Joshua Robinson, and Thomas B Codd at Biopharma Group (April 2021).

Building an Adaptable Discovery Pipeline for the Evolving Antibody Therapeutic Landscape Colby Souders at Abveris (April 2021).

2D, or Not 2D Dr Audrey Dubourg at CN Bio (April 2021).

The Most Common Tabletting Issues Dale Natoli at Natoli Engineering Company Inc. (April 2021).

How to Communicate Effectively While Holding Virtual Meetings Tony Hughes at Huthwaite International (April 2021).

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