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From Digitally Proven to Clinically Proven Rashi Nangia at CIDP Group (October 2019).

A Practical Design Kurt Pickle at IDEX Health & Science (October 2019).

Overcoming the Biopharma Skills Gap Hlne Pora at Pall Biotech, Alain Pralong at Pharma-Consulting ENABLE, and Arnaud Schmutz at Sourcin (October 2019).

Are Service Providers Overselling AI? Alan White at Arriello (October 2019).

A World of Possibilities Stephanie Merrigan at ICON (October 2019).

New Horizons in Biopharma Treatments Roumen Bogoev at GenScript (October 2019).

Handling Automation Peter Devenny at Palamatic (October 2019).

Quantification of Physical Robustness Dr Kevin R Ward, Joshua Robinson, and Thomas B Codd at Biopharma Group (October 2019).

A Fresh Outlook Tanja Budde and Lalit Sharma at Omya, and Dr Ibrahim Palabiyik and Esra Blϋk at Namık Kemal University, Turkey (October 2019).

Pure and Simplified Mochao Zhao at Merck (October 2019).

Enhancing Payment Workflows Jim Murphy at Greenphire (October 2019).

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