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Vaccine Technology, Inspired by Plants Brian J Ward at Medicago (October 2021).

Formulating the Design of HDASD Systems Justin Yiwei Tian at Queens University Belfast and Robert Gurney at Linkam Scientific Instruments (October 2021).

Real-Time Monitoring of HPLC Pump Performance BMG Labtech (October 2021).

Innovations in Cell-Line Development Seahee Kim at Samsung Biologics (October 2021).

Laboratory of the Future: Digitally Connected and Automated Ian Yates at Thermo Fisher Scientific (October 2021).

Tools to Transform Andrew Smith at Rockwell Automation (October 2021).

Rigorous Chemical Testing to Support and Enhance Every Step of the Drug Discovery Pipeline Wel-Screen RGCC Group (October 2021).

Correlative Raman Microscopy for Pharmaceutical Particle Analysis Damon Strom at WITec GmbH (October 2021).

The Coming of Age for Digital Health Heather Fraser at IBM Institute for Business Value (October 2021).

Reorganisation Through Digital Detailing Carolina Rossi Wosiack at CI&T (October 2021).

Stepping Up the Pace in Vaccine Development and Production Andrew Whytock at Siemens AG (October 2021).

The Path to Smarter Digital Health Michael Phillips and Kevin Rooney at ICON (October 2021).

1 Trillion Cells, 50 Million Individuals Marilyn Matz and Zach Pitluk at Paradigm4 (October 2021).

Virtual and Augmented Reality Driving Data Insights in Life Science Romuald Braun at Amplexor (October 2021).

Breaking Away From DNA Breaks Dr Andrea Frapporti at Horizon Discovery, a PerkinElmer company (October 2021).

Precision & Putamen: Optimising Paediatric Gene Therapy Dr Matt Klein at PTC Therapeutics (October 2021).

ATMPs in the EU: Overcoming Regulatory Hurdles Sergio Lainez Vicente and Jaleel Shujath at Absorption Systems (October 2021).

Vaccine Technology, Inspired by Plants Brian J Ward at Medicago (October 2021).

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