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How to Approach Automating with Robots in Pharma Manufacturing Nigel Platt at ABB Robotics (November 2020).

AI and Its Involvement in the Future of Neoantigen Discovery Aleksandar Mihajlovic at APIS Assay Technologies (November 2020).

The Precision Medicine Revolution Dr Barnaby Balmforth at Biofidelity (November 2020).

The Importance of Digital Solutions Gilles Paubert at Cegedim Health Data (November 2020).

Putting DNA Synthesis in the Hands of Every Researcher Stephanie Brooking at Evonetix (November 2020).

Data Capture in a Post-Digital Clinical Trial Landscape Tom O’Leary at ICON (November 2020).

Pharma Manufacturing – Now Enhanced by Deep Learning Earl Yardley at Industrial Vision Systems (November 2020).

Laboratory Automation: Benefits and Challenges Todd Graham at Kolabtree (November 2020).

Data Imputation Through Deep Learning Matt Segall at Optibrium with authors from Optibrium, Intellegens, and Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK Scientific (November 2020).

The Importance of Cell Line Authentication Gabriela Saldanha at Promega Corporation (November 2020).

New Genomic Engineering Technologies Expand Scientists’ Toolbox Gregory Davis at Sangamo (November 2020).

Data Science is the Present Frederick Gertz at SHL Medical (November 2020).

The COVID-19 Catalyst: Opportunities for Innovation Chris Barker at Spirit Health Group (November 2020).

Why a Data-Driven Approach is Key Post-Pandemic Rod Schregardus at The Access Group (November 2020).

Taking Cloud-Based Approaches Lee Tessler at Thermo Fisher Scientific (November 2020).

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