CONTENTSAnalyticsCover image: Slide with microtome section of a rat brain is entered into the HYPERION II infrared microscope. It features FT-IR and IR laser imaging capabilities and provides ultimate flexibility for pharmaceutical applications like failure analysis, API distribution evaluation and tissue characterisation.6. Enhancing Reaction Understanding in Pharma: The Role of Nuclear Magnetic
How is nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy improving drug development?
8. Flow Cytometry: A Bioanalytical Platform for Cell and Gene Therapy How is flow cytometry, a powerful technology in the CGT field, being used for analytics?Digital12. Digital Transformation is Enhancing Pharmaceutical Innovation in Basel How is Basel helping to facilitate innovations in AI and ML within the pharma sphere?15. Cloud Security: Busting Four Myths Around Secure Cloud Computing in Life Sciences Why is cloud computing in drug discovery and manufacturing popular, and what myths need to be dispelled around its use?18. ‘Customer First’ Mindsets: Unlocking Digital Success in Pharma How can pharma teams achieve a ‘customer-first’ mindset in order to improve their digital services?22. AI in Pharma: Balancing Reality with Possibility How can AI be used most effectively for pharmaceutical development?24. Cloud Software in Biotech Companies’ Clinical Trials IPT and Ronen Vengosh of Egnyte discuss cloud software in companies, and how drug development and clinical trial management will improve with its use26. Taking the Complexity Out of Data Quality Governance Data quality governance is as important as it is simple to achieve, even within a large companyManufacturing31. Excipient-Binder Scale for Direct Compression and Dry Granulation Tabletting How could a proposed scale for different binder-diluent ratios serve as a ‘guiding torch’ for formulators?36. Leveraging CLD Technology to Overcome Associated Challenges What is involved with high-titre CLD platform development, and how are novel technologies aiding the process?38. The Manufacturing of Nanodrug Carriers: from Concept to Practice What are nanodrug carriers, and how can their manufacturing be better regulated?41. Critical Tablet Press Design Considerations for Continuous Manufacturing Applications Improvements in tablet press performance for continuous manufacturing are helping to streamline the process46. Improving Machinery in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing IPT talks to Richard Stedman about how automated machinery is leading the charge in innovating pharmaceutical productionLab Automation48. Five Steps to Successful AI IPT talks to Bob Voelkner at LabVantage Solutions about what it takes to succeed with AI and his particular advice for getting started52. The Importance of Network Integration for Measurement
and Hygiene Technology Solutions
How can ‘plug & play’ laboratories help drug developers streamline the process for a more efficient system?
Regulars5. Editorial Desk Summer begins with a fresh look at the old in pharma tech54. Events Index IPT looks forward to exciting events in the coming months
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