CONTENTSSpring 2023 Analytics 6. Approaches to Advance Viral Vector Development and Characterisation for Gene Therapy Applications – AJourney Through Vector Optimisation How is rAAV vectorology being optimised and why is its development important?10. The Challenges and Technological Opportunities in Oligonucleotide Therapeutics How are nucleic acid sequences being analysed by mass spectrometry and how can the data be automatically processed?Discovery & Development 18. AI in the Drug Discovery Industry IPT talks to Tamsin Mansley of Optibrium about AI’s past and future involvement in drug discovery20. Coding of Cell Identity How are novel technologies helping researchers improve on non-human cells in drug discovery?Feature 23. The Big Debate: The Future of Life Sciences’ Regulation and Processes Will Be Data-Driven – But Who Will Steer That Future? Whose responsibility should it be to look after the quality and consistency of data, and how will they achieve this?Digital 26. Accelerating Life Sciences Research and Delivery with Knowledge Graphs Two studies demonstrate how knowledge graphs are improving data handling in drug discovery30. Technological and Scientific Advances Bring New Hope for Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines Cancer vaccines are becoming a reality through advances in immunotherapy and other areasManufacturing 33. Next-Generation Enteric Capsule Innovation: How Next-Generation Capsule Technology is Helping API Reach Deeper Into the Small Intestine Developments in material science and manufacturing innovation are creating a purpose-built capsules for enteric drug delivery36. Esomeprazole Pellet Production for MUPS Applications – High-Precision Fluid Bed Coating Fluid bed processors are utilising air flow bed technology in the development of pellet coating38. Making Inhaled Therapies Fit for the Future: Improving the Sustainability of Pressurised Metered Dose Inhalers Formulation changes are helping to make pMDIs more sustainable41. How Flexible Containment Is Helping Manufacturers Meet Demand for Highly Potent Drugs Why are manufacturers choosing flexible containment over traditional rigid isolators?Lab Automation 43. Next-Level Digitalisation: Smart Pharma Production Gets Even Smarter How can companies improve lab digitalisation to aid growth?Index of AdvertisersIFC. Northway Biotech
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