CONTENTSWINTER 2022Analytics6. Cell Phenotyping and Functional Measurements Using Flow Cytometry What’s driving demand for flow cytometry, and what barriers and breakthroughs can be expected in the future?8. Raman Analysers Take Centre Stage to Streamline Pharmaceutical Quality Control How are handheld Raman devices and process analysers, implementing Raman spectroscopy, streamlining Quality Control and enabling continuous manufacturing.Discovery & Development12. Five Factors Driving Cell and Gene Therapy Developers Towards Gammaretrovirus What has led to the rising trend of cell & gene therapy developers consistently choosing retroviral vectors over other potential vectors – what are the factors driving this decision?16. Collaboration and Centralisation: The Key to Successful Drug Development IPT talks to Fiona McLaughlin and Neil Bell of Avacta Therapeutics about the need for cohesion when researching and developing a new drug between life science companies, academia, and medical practitioners.20. The Pioneering Tech Speeding Up Drug Development Johannes Stanta of Celerion speaks to IPT about research into molecular and cellular capabilities, and how they are improving Good Laboratory Practice/Good Clinical Practice (GLP/GCP) standards.22. DEL, AI, and ML: The Digital Future of Research Tools IPT talks to Noor Shaker about how digital technology
such as DNA-Encoded Libraries, AI, and machine
learning, can aid research.
24. Turning an Ocean of Data into Actionable Wisdom to Support Optimal Site Identification Can AI help researchers when finding the best sites for their clinical trials by utilising Big Data?26. The Burden of Proof – Implementing Blockchain in Life Sciences Why are more pharma companies choosing to implement blockchain technology when improving data collection and protection?30. Digitalisation – A Giant Step Towards Global
Access to Medicine
How will the mass integration of digital tech help the
most underserved countries?
Manufacturing34. Error Mitigation in Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and Quality Control How can the pharma industry ensure quality assurance and control throughout the manufacturing process?38. An Alternative Regulatory Pathway for Generic Orally Inhaled Drug Products Looking at in-vitro-in silico as an ‘alternative’ pathway for generic inhaled drug products, and how companies should factor in patient variability.43. Managing the Complex Regulatory Pathways for
Bioprinting Breakthroughs
As bioprinting becomes more and more common in the
pharma industry, developers need to better understand regulatory classification.
Regulars5. Editorial Desk Rounding off 2022 with a reflection on a year of exciting developments in pharmaceutical tech.46. Events Index The IPT editorial team looks forward to the best events in the first quarter of 2023.Index of AdvertisersIFC. ICON
11. PharmaRole
19. IPT Online
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