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Agena Bioscience and nRichDX Announce Commercial Partnership to Create Solutions for the Extraction and Detection of Liquid Biopsy Analytes

nRichDX Revolution Sample Prep System™ for cfDNA Extraction and Agena’s MassARRAY Platform for Detection of Rare Liquid Biopsy Analytes

14 April 2023 -- California, US -- Agena Bioscience and nRichDX have advanced their existing technical collaboration to a commercial partnership that co-promotes their products to researchers developing liquid biopsy applications on the Agena MassARRAY platform.

The early detection of rare oncology analytes is the primary goal of liquid biopsy research and development; however, existing methods of analyte extraction are not often able to extract sufficient rare analytes, like circulating cell-free tumour DNA (ctDNA), to enable the development of highly sensitive liquid biopsy-based assays.

The Revolution Sample Prep System routinely extracts higher yields of even the rarest of variant transcripts from bodily fluids as compared to other methods, which in turn increases the detection sensitivity of the MassARRAY platform. Together, these systems are a welcomed advancement towards the detection of rare cancer genetic targets in liquid biopsy samples, which have applications in the area of cancer detection, therapy selection, treatment monitoring and minimal residual disease.

"Agena is pleased to collaborate with nRichDX to provide clinical investigators with research solutions that can deliver greater assay sensitivity and improved detection of rare analytes on the MassARRAY platform." said Darryl Irwin, vice president of Scientific Affairs at Agena Bioscience. "Liquid biopsy test developers are looking forward to the creation of highly sensitive assays that can use body fluids as inputs, especially in the area of early detection of cancer which requires extraction retrieval and detection of the rarest of alterations."

"More sensitive detection of rare cancer markers translates to the earlier detection and treatment of cancer… the shared goal of liquid biopsy test developers and oncologists," said William Curtis, CEO for nRichDX. "The combination of the Agena MassARRAY and Revolution Sample Prep System platforms represents a meaningful advancement for liquid biopsy development."

About nRichDX
nRichDX is an emerging leader in sample prep solutions for the isolation of cfDNA, ctDNA, RNA and other rare analytes. The patented Revolution Sample Prep System was engineered specifically for liquid biopsy applications. It is the first and only high-yield, high-recovery, IVD-labelled sample prep platform that can process from 1 mL – 20 mL of plasma or urine sample volumes and 1 mL – 40 mL of blood in a single extraction using the company’s unique nRicher Cartridge. Unlike other methods, Revolution sample prep doesn’t require yield-lowering sample pooling, bead recycling or sample transfer steps. nRichDX helps solve one of precision medicine’s greatest problems – inaccurate or incomplete diagnostic results for liquid biopsy-based applications due to insufficient analyte. Visit:

About Agena Bioscience
Agena Bioscience offers the MassARRAY System, an open platform that enables labs to provide a highly multiplexed result in a simple workflow. With headquarters in San Diego, California, Agena markets our products in over 30 countries worldwide through direct sales offices in Germany, China and Australia, and through an extensive network of distributors. Agena Bioscience is a subsidiary of Mesa Labs, Inc. Visit: