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At INTERPHEX NYC, KORSCH to Present Enhanced 4th Generation Tablet Press

The XL 4004 adds an integrated electrical cabinet, torque drive, and enhanced HMI design to the proven XL 400 platform, with models for dedicated single-layer and advanced multi-layer flexibility

29 March, 2023 -- South Easton, MA -- KORSCH America - the US subsidiary of KORSCH AG, the global leader in tablet press technology offering solutions for product development, scale-up, high-speed production, multi-layer, mini-tablet, and WIP/high-containment applications - will present its fourth-generation XL 400 tablet press at INTERPHEX NYC, April 25-27. At Booth 1001, the company will showcase the XL 4004 SFP Tablet Press, which offers a dedicated, single-layer capability.

Advancements in the new XL 4004 include an integrated electrical cabinet for a smaller footprint, a torque drive to deliver optimal performance, a fully sealed machine design, and a fast-change capability to drive gains in uptime and efficiency. Featuring a completely redesigned HMI environment, the XL 4004 offers an intuitive operating experience, with integrated online help, including access to manuals, schematics, procedures, and support videos directly at the machine.


The new XL 4004 is available in two versions, as follows:

KORSCH XL 4004 SFP (Single-Function Platform)
Offering a dedicated single-layer capability, the XL 4004 SFP features an ergonomic, accessible design and the fastest changeover of any machine in its class. An exchangeable turret execution with internal lift device permits the production of any size tablet on a single machine. Designed with a 100 kN precompression column, a 100 kN main compression column, and an innovative compression dwell bar between the compression stations, the XL 4004 SFP is rugged and robust. With a maximum press speed of 120 RPM, and an extended feeder length, the XL 4004 SFP is geared for high-speed production with a maximum output of more than 300,000 tablets per hour.

KORSCH XL 4004 MFP (Multi-Function Platform)
Offering single-layer, bi-layer, tri-layer, tablet-in-tablet, and microchip-in-tablet capability in a single machine, the XL 4004 MFP can produce a tablet of any size, shape, and format. Its modular feeders, compression stations, and cam tracks allow the press to be reconfigured for all applications over the course of a normal changeover.

In single-layer mode, the XL 4004 MFP is process-identical to the XL 4004 SFP, and the two machines share common product contact parts and full turret interchangeability. The XL 400 platform also offers a comprehensive containment capability with fully integrated solutions for OEB 3, OEB 4, and OEB 5 applications.

All key components, including turrets, feeders, and cams, are fully interchangeable with 3rd generation XL 400 machines, permitting seamless integration at existing installations. The XL 4004 SFP and MFP share an identical PLC-based control system and HMI environment with secure login, product recipe, electronic audit trails, and full network integration, including domain login, centralized product recipe and batch data storage, as well as transfer of all process parameters to a centralized SCADA or historian.

Founded in 1919 in Berlin, Germany, KORSCH AG has a 100-year tradition and commitment to innovation. As the only true specialist in the tablet press market, KORSCH focuses solely and completely on the advancement of tablet press technology for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food, confectionary, technical, and chemical products. The result is generations of experience developing the broadest, most innovative tableting equipment portfolio in the world. In operation worldwide, KORSCH tablet presses are supported by a global network of sales and technical service specialists. For more information, visit