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Automata launches LINQ Cloud software to scale and manage lab automation from anywhere

24 May 2023 -- London, UK -- Automata, a leading company powering life science labs to fully automate their workflows, today launches LINQ Cloud: cutting-edge laboratory automation software. LINQ Cloud connects a lab’s physical and digital environment together, enabling life science organisations to scale while reducing the manual workload for scientists.

LINQ Cloud works alongside Automata’s new LINQ automated lab bench to create a lab automation solution specific to every lab’s workflow that enables true walkaway time. This means labs can reduce the manual workload for scientists so they can spend more time on meaningful science.

The software features an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. Its whiteboard-style layout mimics the way lab scientists already work, making the transition to LINQ Cloud seamless. Users can quickly draft, visualise and adapt workflows to the needs of each individual experiment. Automatic data uploads ensure the ability to access results quickly and move experiments and research along at pace.

LINQ Cloud also creates a central source of truth for every lab in the cloud. For in-house teams looking to make collaboration easier, or global operations that need to apply workflows consistently, LINQ Cloud helps provide critical context, ensure experiments are repeatable and accurate and maintain traceability and monitoring of workflows - anywhere, anytime.

Daniel Siden, director of Robotics Platform at Automata said: “Scientists today spend much of their time operating workflows manually – sample pipetting, plate reformatting, barcoding tube and liquid handling are just a few examples. This isn’t the best use of such skilled individuals’ time, and we have designed LINQ Cloud to give scientists an intuitive, simple way to manage and adapt lab workflows, in the cloud. Now, scientists can spend more time focusing on deeper analytics, adapting and improving experiments, and uncovering new innovations, while knowing that their workflows are running seamlessly, and data is collected accurately.”

LINQ Cloud integrates fully with widely used lab equipment and data management solutions, so when the needs of a lab evolve, they can be swapped in and out to seamlessly deliver one unified ecosystem and future proof labs.

Each lab has different needs, working on anything from gene editing to support health, to developing cell-cultured meats and materials. To support the goals of every life science organisation, LINQ Cloud also allows scientists to tailor the experience at a user level, to build bespoke workflows that tackle any challenge. Changes can be applied to both work cells and workflows when needed – no matter how unique the requirements are. The software also strikes the perfect balance between controlled access and design, with completely customisable nodes using Python.

Scientists can also perform accurate digital simulations in LINQ Cloud before deploying a workflow, to ensure an assay runs correctly without having to make adjustments to hardware. As a result, scientists spend less time correcting workflows manually, and more time running effective experiments.

Mostafa ElSayed, co-founder and CEO of Automata added: “Our mission is to help life science organisations scale and bring the discoveries that will change our world to reality. To do this effectively, research needs to be carried out at pace, while maintaining accuracy and efficiency. With LINQ Cloud, combined with our LINQ lab bench, organisations can do just this – while customising for their specific needs, and managing workflows from anywhere”.

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