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CO2 Beam Expanders

Beam expanders are used in CO2 laser systems to aid beam guidance over long distances and increase power density at the focal point. LASER COMPONENTS offer beam expanders composed of two ZnSe lenses, suitable up to medium power levels of 100W.

Fixed beam expanders are inexpensive options with fixed magnification. A range of fixed beam expanders with different magnification values and input apertures are available on short lead time. Variable beam expanders build upon this design, allowing for adjustment of the spacing between the lenses +/-3mm to compensate for the divergence of the input beam.
Finally zoom beam expanders have an infinitely variable magnification level between 2x - 8x and are available in manually adjustable or motorised variants. Zoom beam expanders for CO2 lasers are well suited to laboratory and industrial applications, with a number of mounting thread options available as standard.

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