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Cutting-Edge Medical Device Design Unveiled at Med-Tech 2023

6 June 2023 -- Glasgow, UK -- For more than 15 years Wideblue has been at the forefront of medical device design. At this year's Med-Tech Innovation Expo the company will be revealing its core product development skills in this sector.

One of Wideblue's most recent projects has been helping develop the next generation of MRI scanners. It has been working with client MR Coiltech who design, test and manufacture specialised radiofrequency (RF) coils. The sophisticated coils will enable greater resolution brain scanning, helping researchers to learn more about brain conditions such as stroke, vascular dementia, brain tumours, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Disease in greater detail than previously possible. Development of the coils has been made possible through partnerships with the University of Glasgow's Living Laboratory for Precision Medicine programme. The company also recently achieved ISO accreditation with the support of InnoScot Health.

Barry Warden, managing director, Wideblue said: "The MR Coiltech project is a great example of how we collaborate with clients and other partners, often in academia, to bring medical technology to market. Being part of the Pivot International group of companies means we can handle projects at all stages from design, prototyping and testing to full-scale manufacture.

He added: "Our skills cover product design, mechanical, electronic and software design, physics and optics, with particular expertise in photonics and system engineering. We have successfully designed several first-of-a-kind products. Our clients include individuals, start-ups, technology research organisations, charities and social enterprises as well as global multinationals. Medical devices have ranged from a personal capnometer and heated stretcher to a device for the early detection of sepsis and a low-cost ophthalmoscope."

About Wideblue
Wideblue became part of Pivot International in April 2018 after being acquired by the Kansas-based company for an undisclosed sum. Based in Glasgow, Wideblue has a +20-year track record of helping clients take innovative and novel product ideas from the drawing board to prototyping and on to full scale manufacture and commercialisation. The company was established in 2006 as a management buyout from the Polaroid Corporation's European research and development division working on the company flagship instant camera range and related products. Since then the company has been delivering hundreds of projects for a variety of organisations from start-ups and university spin-outs to multinational corporations. The company is frequently engaged in collaborative projects working with some of Europe's leading research organisations and universities, especially in the areas of imaging, optoelectronics and bio-medical engineering. The skill set in-house ranges from physics, optics, electronics and software through to mechanical engineering, prototyping, medical devices, manufacture and supply chain management. For further information about Wideblue please visit

About Pivot International
Founded in Kansas City in 1972, Pivot International started as a product design and development engineering firm. It was one of the first US product development firms to engage with global sourcing, opening a procurement office in Taiwan in 1985 and a manufacturing division in the Philippines in 1989. Pivot offers services in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, software design, industrial design, project management, contract manufacturing, electronic manufacturing services (EMS), prototyping, supply chain management, data management, business development and regulatory compliance. Pivot has more than 40 years of expertise in the field of product development and manufacturing. Positioned as a world leader in outsourced product development and manufacturing, Pivot offers the seamless convenience of working with a US company and the financial advantages of utilising its own in-house, offshore, tooling procurement and manufacturing capabilities. Visit: