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Cytomos showcases groundbreaking new platform for advanced cell analytics at ISCT 2024

22 May 2024: At this year’s annual meeting of the International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy (ISCT), TechBio company Cytomos ( will be showcasing Celledonia – its flagship technology that utilises the company’s patented AuraCyt platform and is set to revolutionise complex biologics.

Cytomos‘ AuraCyt platform closely monitors a broad range of cell features simultaneously and collects data on intrinsic cellular properties in near-real-time, delivering label-free, unbiased, consistent, accurate and reliable cell analytics. This has the potential to improve cell and gene therapies (CGTs) process control, which is key to increasing the speed and accuracy of decision-making, as well as enabling earlier predictions of failure or success, and signalling optimal time for various bioprocessing decisions such as harvest.

Cytomos will be showcasing its novel technology at its kiosk in the Innovation Zone of the ISCT (Stand 5), which takes place in Vancouver, Canada on 29 May to 1 June 2024. The ISCT conference is focused on the future of CGTs, with thought-provoking discussions and presentations involving esteemed CGT leaders from across the globe. This year’s sessions will include breakthroughs in the research, development and manufacturing of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), CAR-Ts, gene-edited extracellular vesicles (EVs), NK cells and regulatory T-cells (Tregs).

Highlighting Cytomos’ involvement at the cutting edge of CGT, Dr Fernanda Masri, the company’s chief commercial and innovation officer, and former head of innovation manufacturing and collaborations at CGT Catapult, will chair a panel discussion on “Industry 4.0: The Future Role of Process Analytical Tools (PATs)” on 29 May. Confirmed panellists for her session include renowned experts Stephen Ward (chief manufacturing officer, CGTC), Jason Foster (CEO, Ori Biotech) and Phil Vanek (CTO, Gamma Biosciences).
Dr Masri will also participate in a panel discussion on the “Current state and future directions of process analytical technologies in the CGT space” on 29 May, and she will be speaking specifically about Cytomos’ flagship instrument Celledonia and how it enables scientists to easily turn data into actionable insights (“Science and Innovation” session) on 30 May. Cytomos will also be presenting the technology during the Innovation Zone Pitch Session 2 on 31 May.

Cytomos CEO David Rigterink commented, “We are excited to provide a preview of Celledonia prior to its launch in June 2024. Cytomos has been building on its past decade’s deep tech R&D progress, and this new benchtop instrument will unlock exponential value for the CGT industry, enabling rapid decision making and process control. The technology fits into an evolving landscape of next-generation therapies that are driving the need for radical advances in PAT and in-process controls with near-real-time, automated capabilities.”

“ISCT connects global CGT experts and key opinion leaders from academia and industry, and it is a key event for thought provoking debates on addressing sector challenges and advancing CGTs, so it is the ideal place to showcase our new technology to end-users in the both the iPSC and CAR T-cells space,” added Dr Fernanda Masri. “The true potential of these complex therapeutics is about to be unlocked by next generation technologies like Celledonia that overcome the limitations of conventional tools and provide simplicity whilst enhancing insight. We want to help revolutionise CGT processes thanks to insightful analytics, from development to manufacturing.”

If you are attending ISCT 2024, be sure to stop at the Cytomos kiosk in the Innovation Zone (Stand 5) to see the new technology for yourself. For more information, visit

About Cytomos
Cytomos is a dynamic early-stage company developing ground-breaking cell analysis systems that can be used alone or alongside conventional technologies such as flow cytometry. AuraCyt leverages cost-efficient microchip technology, providing streamlined testing strategies and economically viable cell therapies. The technology closely monitors a broad range of cell features simultaneously and collects data on intrinsic cellular properties in near-real-time, delivering unbiased, consistent, accurate and reliable predictive analytics for biomanufacturing and other applications.

• Pioneering: AuraCyt accelerates biological drug discovery and development, and streamlines manufacturing, with near-real-time monitoring potential and better prospects for automation
• Label-free: The technology harnesses the power of dielectric spectroscopy and microelectronics and characterises cells without the need for labels and directly in media
• Unbiased: The technology addresses the analytical challenges of cell and gene therapy developers and monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), with fast and sensitive detection of single-cell attributes. The platform generates predictive analytics for consistent decision-making without operator bias
• Uniquely scalable: AuraCyt is the only scalable technology that can measure cellular physiology, based on near-real-time intrinsic single-cell properties
With huge potential for applications across a range of markets, Cytomos is continuing to engage with well-known force multipliers in the bioprocessing and CGT space, including bioprocessing solution market leaders and cutting-edge TechBio partners set to dominate the Advanced Therapy Medical Products (ATMPs).

Cytomos’ mission is to become the undisputed PAT partner for cell analytics. AuraCyt will accelerate biological drug discovery and development, and it will streamline manufacturing, with near-real-time monitoring and better prospects for automation.