Welcome to the Autumn issue of Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology!

It’s a time of change here in the UK – King Charles III taking the throne, along with a new Prime Minister and Cabinet. Change can be daunting, but it’s laden with possibilities and chances, the potential for new beginnings.
On the topic of new beginnings and possibilities: we’ve launched a new website! It still has all the content that you know and love, but with a new design to make its usage more enjoyable for you, the reader. The magazines will now be hosted on the website, allowing you to read through them without being redirected and bounced between different sites. To further improve the reading experience, when the magazines are uploaded, they’ll be available in both PDF and webpage formats, letting you read them in whichever manner you prefer.
Similarly, individual articles and the magazine as a whole will be uploaded to the site. Only have a couple of minutes? Read an article! Have a while? Read the magazine! If you find an article on a topic that you find interesting and want to explore further, then check out the new Collections feature. In this section, articles from several editions will be grouped together, letting you go down the rabbit hole and lose yourself in any one of the interesting landscapes being explored. These Collections are the same overarching topics of the magazine, making finding the content that interests you as easy as possible.
These choices, and more, are part of a drive to improve the way that you can engage with the magazine, giving you the agency to enjoy it in the best possible way for you. This is an exciting opportunity, and we’re looking forward to the website growing and developing over the next few months!
Our first issue back after the summer away features new and exciting developments across the pharmaceutical landscape. Analytics proves to be at the forefront of these developments, with articles featuring new approaches to Microscopy (page 10) and Spectrometry (page 6). These approaches explore how even marginal factors can have a significant impact on results.
One element that can massively impact results is temperature. Linkam focuses on this in their article, exploring just how important temperature control can be for labs (page 20).
On page 22, we present a collaborative feature on emerging therapeutics, as several companies from various parts of the biopharma sector come together to help answer one of the most pressing questions often faced in Discovery and Development.
Digital and Lab Automation, meanwhile, highlight one of the core challenges of the industry balancing pushing the envelope of research while maintaining the human focus that forms the reason behind development. Big Data (page 30) and robotics (pages 42, 46) highlight the former and its benefits to pharma organisations, while the latter element is demonstrated in ICON’s discussion of how patients can be supported during research (page 34), and PDD’s interview about patient-focused innovations such as Human-Centred Design (page 30).
We hope you enjoy the issue!

Charlie Blackie-Kelly
Editorial and Production Assistant
james Spargo
Editorial Assistant