As the spring Equinox ushers in a season of renewal and growth, we’re excited to present the latest innovations flourishing within the pharmatech industry. In this issue, we bring you a fresh wave of insights into the latest developments in the fields of in vitro diagnostics, peptide therapeutics, gene therapy and more!
Why not start by taking a look at how the field of MALDI imaging is revolutionising how we understand and treat diseases, from diagnosis to personalised medicine, on page 40. On the topic of manufacturing, Thermo Fisher Scientific takes an insightful look at the role of process analytical technology with regards to fermentation and cell culture processes in the biotechnology industry, on page 36. Staying with the topic of manufacturing, Visual Components gives us a rundown on how to efficiently utilise robots to streamline manufacturing processes and reduce skills shortages, on page 6.
This issue spotlights the upcoming highly anticipated European Light Microscopy Initiative (elmi2024) hosted by the Royal Microscopic Society, which this year is taking place on 4-7 June in Liverpool, UK. This event will present the latest technology and techniques alongside running workshops and an exhibition. Don’t miss out on this great networking opportunity! Find out more on page 26.
We hope this spring issue of IPT will pique your interest about the latest innovations that the world of pharma has to offer. We will be back in the summer with more insights to share, so we look forward to seeing you then!

Nassima Alloueche
Editorial Assistant