Welcome to the summer 2024 issue of IPT!
As the weather finally heats up and we are, at long last, seeing some sunshine, now seems like an ideal time to consider the hottest innovations within the world of pharma, from innovations in AI to medtech and genomics.
With that in mind, this issue includes Automata’s consideration around the lab of the future, assessing the impact of lab automation (page 48), as well as Informed Genomics’ evaluation of public/private partnerships within the field of genomics testing, especially focusing on how this can improve the patient experience (page 14). Additionally, Natoli considers how tooling and press manufacturers often face challenges during tablet manufacturing, examining how a thorough approach can reduce these issues (page 8).
As well as these fascinating articles, this issue highlights some of the most significant events in the industry – for example, our European Microscopy Congress (EMC) supplement (pages 23-28) provides prospective attendees with everything they need to know to make the most of the event taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark from 25-30 August. Another event preview in this issue is for Ilmac, taking place in Lausanne, Switzerland from 18-19 September (page 34).
In addition to these previews, we also review a number of events, the first being the elmi2024 Event Review (page 18), recapping the Royal Microscopy Society’s (RMS) annual meeting in Liverpool from 4-7 June. Finally, our events focus draws to a close with a review of ACHEMA 2024, which took place in Frankfurt, Germany from 10-14 June (page 12).
We hope you find the time to relax in the newly arrived warmth of summer, perhaps with this issue of IPT as your summer reading material! We’ll be back in Autumn with our next issue covering even more of the biggest innovations in the field.

Betsy Goodfellow
Editorial Assistant