While the end of this year is fast approaching, looking ahead to next year, 2024 is filled with promise for the world of pharmaceutical technology. So this December, instead of looking back at the year that has been, why not look ahead to the exciting year to come by paging through the winter issue of IPT.
Catch up with the latest news on real-time cell analysis with Yama Abassi from Agilent on page 10, in a discussion about the future of immuno-oncology and the evolution of CAR T therapies for cancer and solid tumours.
On page 20, Gridraster’s Dijam Panigrahi looks at how immersive mixed reality and artificial intelligence could boost business innovation and expansion via the optimisation of manufacturing and interactions with customers to weld the virtual and physical worlds together to harness the power of virtual reality in error detection, training and engineering.
Also in this issue, Alaa Riezk from CAMO offers a new take on combatting the growing issue of antimicrobial resistance utilising drugs already at our disposal. Find out more on page 22.
On page 30, Broughton’s Paul Hardman sheds light on the under-explored topic of particle size analysis for inhaled medicines and its importance for future inhalation devices. And after an exciting and informative microscopy event earlier this year, turn to page 44 for our interview with Peter O’Toole, president of the Royal Microscopy Society, to learn more about the future of microscopy and his experiences so far as the new president of the society.
Next year includes a host of events, from the Biotech Showcase in San Francisco, US from 8-10 January 2024, to the ElectronMicroscopy UK & Ireland meeting in York, UK on 8 and 9 February and the PBP World Meeting in Vienna, Austria from 18-21 March. We hope you enjoy the range of articles in this issue and we look forward to bringing you a fresh batch of ideas and news from the world of pharma tech in the new year. Until then, enjoy the festive season and have a very happy new year!

Nassima Alloueche
Editorial Assistant