Press release

Enhanc3D Genomics appoints Dr Daniel Turner as Chief Scientific Officer

Appointment forms part of ongoing plans for continued development of the GenLink3D genomics platform and formation of strategic commercial and academic partnerships

Cambridge, UK, 31 January 2024: Enhanc3D Genomics, a company developing disruptive technologies to unlock the 3D spatial genome for target and biomarker discovery, today announced the appointment of Dr Daniel Turner as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO). Dan’s deep expertise in genomics technology development and commercialisation will be key to achieving the next phase of Enhanc3D Genomics’ growth.

As CSO Dan will be driving Enhanc3D Genomics’ scientific strategy, extending the GenLink3D™ technology into next-generation versions that require only minimal, or even single cell-level, inputs. Dan will also be building additional commercial and academic partnerships for the development of candidate therapeutic targets identified from the GenLink3D platform. Dan’s appointment follows the appointment of Hazel Jones as Chief Operating Officer in November 2023.

Dan has over 20 years of senior leadership experience within the fields of genetics, molecular biology, and sequencing research. He joins Enhanc3D Genomics from Oxford Nanopore Technologies, where he held roles including Senior Vice President, Vice President and Senior Director of Applications. During his more than 13 years with Oxford Nanopore he established various strategic collaborations and led projects to demonstrate the range of applications of the company’s technology. Dan was also previously Head of Sequencing Technology Development at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, following postdoctoral roles at Wellcome Sanger and at Weill Cornell Medical College. He holds a degree in Biochemistry from the University of Oxford and completed an MSc and PhD in Genetics at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology.

Dr Hazel Jones, Chief Operating Officer and interim Chief Executive Officer, Enhanc3D Genomics, said: “Dan joins us at an exciting stage in the Company’s development as we begin to steer towards commercialisation. His expertise and guidance, based on his vast experience in successfully leading multidisciplinary teams in genomics and technology development, will be pivotal to the delivery of our strategic growth initiatives. I look forward to working alongside Dan as he joins the team.”

Dr Dan Turner, Chief Scientific Officer, Enhanc3D Genomics, commented: “Enhanc3D Genomics has an exceptional reputation in the field of 3D genomics, and I’m delighted to take this opportunity to help drive the development of its technology further. There is extensive scope to expand the technology into other disease areas as the Company continues to build its database of candidate therapeutic targets.”

Enhanc3D Genomics has established a genome-wide 3D-sequencing platform (GenLink3D) that can globally connect enhancer regions and GWAS (genome-wide association study) risk loci to their core target genes. The GenLink3D platform pipeline is an elegant combination of a proprietary molecular assay with advanced algorithms and machine-learning capability, providing the first genome-wide, high-resolution, mapping of DNA interactions in 3D space. Enhanc3D Genomics is using this technology to mine the untapped resource of non-coding genome interactions to create an extensive database of candidate therapeutic targets for development with pharmaceutical partners.

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