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Experience the NanoZoomer S20 Digital Slide Scanner

Unlock the power of interoperability and scalability with the NanoZoomer S20 digital slide scanner, C16300-01 – the ultimate solution for your lab's evolving needs. Our focus is on providing you with a seamless experience, tailored to fit your unique workflow, regardless of the size or scope of your laboratory.

The scanner effortlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, whether you prefer using the Hamamatsu slide racks or need the flexibility to use the Sakura slide rack to take slides directly from your stainer/cover-slipper. With the NanoZoomer S20, you have the freedom to choose the setup that works best for you, striving for compatibility with your current processes.

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Disclaimer: The C16300-01 S20 Slide Scanner is for research use only and is not a medical device. Details on our medical range of slide scanners (NanoZoomer S20MD, NanoZoomer S60v2MD, and NanoZoomer S360MD) can be found on our website.