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Hataali and Reef Group announce strategic partnership for ATMP Smart Labs

London, 21st December 2022: Hataali – the award winning, leader in digital data solution platforms for advanced therapies – announces a strategic partnership with Reef Group, a real estate company specialising in the knowledge sectors and GmP/GxP compliant clean rooms for the pharmaceutical sector. Hataali will provide Reef Group clients with a Smart Labs Module at its sites which will allow clients to monitor stock inventory levels and locations utilising IoT devices. The news comes ahead of next month’s annual Advanced Therapies Week in Miami where Hataali 2.0 will be unveiled globally to cell and gene therapy innovators.

The Smart Labs Module is part of the state-of-the-art Hataali blockchain platform, which is interoperable with MES’ as well as other lab software system. Reef Group’s GMP-compliant manufacturing facilities for cell and gene will get a significant boost in terms of digitisation.

Synergies from this collaboration include full visibility into lab inventory and processes, with therapy developers empowered with full digital monitoring, automated procurement and transparency of all items within the lab. This provides the ability to use Hataali's patented blockchain layer for inventory management as well as procurement.

Significantly, the partnership also opens-up new areas and solutions with Hataali’s Smart Lab module offering real-time monitoring of some of the largest cell and gene therapy labs. Further advantages include the ability to use future-proof technologies such as smart contracts for the procurement process.

Piers Slater, CEO at Reef Group said, “We are pleased to be working with Hataali, the only award winning ATMP solution platform. We are impressed with the breadth of data solutions that they cover, not just for cell and gene therapy ordering and tracking, but the wider solutions for ATMP therapy providers. Partnering with Hataali means that we can not only provide state of the art, regulatory compliant facilities, but we can also provide full data infrastructure required by our clients ensuring that they can be operational within weeks of moving in. We believe that our relationship will mature to provide additional value add services to our clients in the future most importantly digital services around carbon footprint monitoring.”

With its expansion into lab digitisation and automation, Hataali is now the only holistic solution available for the cell and gene therapy sector.

Raja Sharif, CEO at Hataali, commented: “We are really excited to work with the Reef Group. This is a first-of-its-kind partnership to bring complete transparency to the journey of a single cell – from the donor to the vein of a recipient, but including all data on conditions of sample preparation and manufacture. Hataali remains committed to supporting researchers and clinicians around the world in their efforts of getting these advanced therapies to the patients faster. Securing vital information through the full journey of these personalised medicines.”

ATMPS Ltd has created Hataali, a unique vein to vein, technical solution for the Personalised Medicine sector. Hataali is a platform for innovative treatments that can treat cancer, rare diseases, including stem cell therapies and cell and gene treatments. Our patented technical solution, ensures regulatory compliance for treatments known generally as Advanced Therapy Medical Products (ATMPs).

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Founded in 2001 a real estate platform with a successful track record across all sectors including mixed use regeneration projects comprising leisure, offices, hotels and multi-family which in recent years has extended to the knowledge sectors encompassing Life Science, Cell & Gene Therapy, Healthcare, Medtech, Data, Space and Advanced Manufacturing.