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H.E.L Group expands range of BioXplorer bioreactors to support bioprocess development

  • Automated parallel bioreactor offering updated with increased capabilities for multi-parameter process development
  • BioXplorer systems are modular and highly configurable with automation, process control, safety monitoring and data recording enabled through control software

8 June 2023 -- London, UK -- H.E.L Group (H.E.L), a global developer and manufacturer of innovative laboratory tools for process optimisation, safety and scale-up, today expanded its BioXplorer range with the introduction of two new automated parallel bioreactors: BioXplorer 400XL and BioXplorer 400P. The new systems will further enable the efficient and cost-effective development and optimisation of bioprocesses.

The BioXplorer 400P is designed for use at pressures up to 10 bar, allowing for increased cell density and product yields. Optimised for syngas fermentation, the BioXplorer 400P combines easy to use software with modular hardware to give complete control of four high-pressure bioprocesses simultaneously. The BioXplorer 400 XL features 8 configurable bioreactors, which can be controlled independently or in parallel. Its modular design allows accurate and precise additions of liquids and gases, controlled by up to four sets of peristaltic pumps and up to two sets of mass flow controllers respectively, with software enabling control of all eight bioprocesses at once. Both bioreactors are available for use with either magnetic or direct agitation, to support enhanced cell densities and product yield.

The full range of H.E.L bioreactor systems allow automated, parallel experimentation in sizes ranging from 50ml to 5L, with applications in research into gas fermentation and bio-production at a bench-scale. Ideal for small-scale process development and cell line/strain screening, the flexible and adaptable bioreactors are suitable for research, screening and optimisation investigations.

Louise Madden, CEO at H.E.L Group, said: “Our flexible bioreactor systems help our customers gain more knowledge about their bioprocesses earlier in their development and so make better decisions, resulting in bioprocess development which is faster and more productive. The introduction of the new BioXplorer 400P and BioXplorer 400XL further increases our automated parallel bioreactor offering, doubling volume capabilities with highly configurable and readily upgradable systems.”

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