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Hyfe Unveils Next-Generation CoughPro App: Advanced Tracking and Community Features Revolutionize Chronic Cough Management

AI company transitions app to subscription model and adds exclusive new features for users in the UK, Canada, Europe and global users outside the U.S.

Wilmington, Del., Dec. 7, 2023 --
Hyfe, Inc., the global leader in AI-powered cough detection, tracking and classification, announces today the next generation of its CoughPro app, a platform available in the UK, Canada, and Europe that allows users to track and manage their cough in real-time. The app is moving to a subscription model and rolling out new features, including novel cough measurement tools, more personalized insights and self-care tips, and the first network connecting chronic coughers to their peers and healthcare professionals.

CoughPro’s new premium features include:

• Bursts: This new feature identifies any group of four or more coughs that are separated by no more than five seconds, providing rich insights that have never been tracked or quantified before and a deeper look into chronic cough. Cough bursts are often painful and exhausting, and coughers find it difficult to evaluate and explain their impact to healthcare providers, so knowing how many there are and when they occur helps users identify triggers and better manage their cough.

• Cough Management Content: Developed together with lead practitioners of behavioral cough suppression therapy, users now have access to custom content that offers personalized cough management techniques and tips to make the most of the app’s in-depth cough pattern analysis.

• Health Consultations: Specialized workshops and consulting sessions with cough experts and practitioners to help users connect with professionals and ask questions about their cough, symptoms, and treatment options.

• Cough Community: The app update provides users access to a network of peers who have also struggle with cough, adding an additional layer of support and wisdom.
“We built CoughPro with a mission to provide the world’s only reliable, user-friendly product for helping individuals with chronic cough better understand their cough and facilitate better communication with their providers. Since 2020, we've been thrilled to see how our apps have made a difference in so many people’s lives, and are more excited than ever to continue driving innovation in this space and bringing coughers the most reliable, science-based technology possible,” said Dr. Joe Brew, co-founder and CEO of Hyfe.

Released in 2022, CoughPro is powered by the world’s leading AI cough detection models that identify and monitor cough continuously. As the leader in cough monitoring with over 18 billion data points processed coming from 160+ countries, Hyfe’s technology can track and detect cough in real-world conditions with 90% accuracy on any mic-enabled device, while preserving privacy by processing all sounds directly on the user’s device.
“Building and maintaining the world’s best performing AI models requires significant resources, and the subscription model is a necessary step to maintain the high-quality service and innovation without ever compromising privacy through ads or selling data,” said Reid Moorsmith, Chief Experience Officer. “We are so excited for this next chapter of CoughPro and look forward to working alongside our partners and users to offer critical support for their cough.”

Starting today, CoughPro will offer two subscription options, a monthly subscription ($5.99 per month) and an annual subscription ($34.99 per year). To download the CoughPro app on Android or iOS and learn more about the updated features and pricing, click here.

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The accuracy of the data collected and presented by Hyfe has not yet been evaluated by the FDA or other regulatory authorities and is not intended to be used in any medical decision making capacity, including presenting Hyfe-gathered cough information to a healthcare professional for management of a patient's cough-related symptoms or conditions.

About Hyfe

Hyfe, Inc. is the global leader in AI-powered cough detection and classification that provides insight into cough patterns and correlations that can greatly improve treatment and prevention. With more than 700 million samples, Hyfe maintains the largest cough dataset in the world enabling the building of powerful models to track, manage and diagnose respiratory illnesses. Hyfe provides platforms and data for pharmaceutical companies, medical researchers, government agencies, health care providers and patients and has partnerships with leading academic institutions including Johns Hopkins University and the University of California at San Francisco. The company was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware.

More information is available at, on social media @hyfeapp and LinkedIn at /hyfe.

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