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Indica Labs Launches Comprehensive Management Service for HALO® Software in AWS Cloud-Hosted Environments

Maximising the benefits of cloud deployment through HALO expertise

8 June 2023 – New Mexico, US -- Indica Labs today announces the launch of a service offering deployment and on-going support of its HALO digital pathology software in a fully managed cloud-hosted environment powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). The service enables organisations to benefit from Indica Labs’ software development and cloud deployment expertise while maintaining full ownership and control over their AWS account.

Leading the offering is Indica Labs’ new Professional Services group, a team composed of AWS Certified Solutions Architects with extensive experience in HALO cloud deployment and maintenance. "Thanks to our understanding of HALO’s architecture and experience assisting with numerous, diverse cloud deployments for our customers, we know HALO within the AWS environment inside and out" notes Billy Heseltine, the group’s director. "With Professional Services, Indica Labs is leveraging our unique in-house expertise to bring customers the most performant HALO cloud deployment possible."

Selecting and implementing a digital pathology platform involves many decisions, small and large. As organisations go through this process, the type of software deployment, on premise or in the cloud, is a significant choice. Numerous factors can influence this decision, including a group’s current IT capabilities, need for scalability, financial position and geographic distribution.

Organisations are increasingly turning to the cloud for a more performant digital pathology software deployment. For such groups, Indica Labs’ Professional Services implements all components required for a highly performant, agile and secure HALO environment optimised for an organisation’s service requirements and budget. On-demand cloud resources incur fees only when used, ensuring groups pay just for what they need. Importantly, end users can determine what resources are available within their deployment, as well as start, stop and connect to HALO instances on demand, with the web-based instance management dashboard.

Professional Services’ experience and custom tools enable rapid deployment of cloud environments, measured in hours rather than days, with minimal input needed from customer IT teams. After deployment, Professional Services minimises the risk of service disruptions through dedicated on-going support, including proactive maintenance and monitoring of the cloud environment using Amazon CloudWatch. When new HALO software releases are available, sandbox environments enable smoother transitions, again maximising end users’ access to their resources.

"The cloud computing landscape has changed significantly since Indica Labs was founded in 2011," observes Eric Runde, Indica Labs’ COO. "Professional Services is our response to the research and clinical communities’ interest in a software deployment option that offers both the flexibility needed in the lab or clinic and the peace of mind that comes with expert optimisation and management. With this new offering we are excited to expand our portfolio of industry leading services and software and continue to help customers achieve their digital pathology goals."

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