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Innovation Characterises Berry’s Latest Inhalation Developments

24th November 2022 - DDL Conference 2022, Berry Global, Stand 162 - At the DLL Conference Berry Global will demonstrate its wide-ranging capabilities in the development of patient-centric drug delivery inhalation devices that also meet the need for sustainability.

In particular, Berry will present for the first time three new innovations in capsule-based inhalers from its European and Indian sites. These include Pneumohaler, a new breath actuated inhaler with dose indicator, which helps to improve asthma and COPD patients’ compliance and adherence by reducing patient coordination errors and breathing variability.

The company will also showcase a wide range of solutions from its extensive portfolio of Dry Powder Inhalers (DPIs) and Pressurized Metered Dose inhalers (pMDIs). Many of these will highlight Berry’s latest advances in areas such as enhanced usability and safety in administration; the use of digitalisation; and design for the circular economy.

Highlights include a number of significant developments in the company’s DPI range. The RS01-X single dose DPI features built-in sensors and digital services to track inhaler use and help improve adherence and technique. The new RS01 Size 2 capsule-based inhaler meets the increased demand for higher dose devices for the pulmonary delivery of systemic treatments and highly engineered low density powder formulations.
Another important introduction is the RS01-R capsule-based DPI that incorporates advanced chemical recycled resins or bio-source resins produced using the mass balance concept and which is ISCC+ certified.

Berry’s extensive healthcare product portfolio is available from its 15 dedicated ISCC+ certified sites worldwide, providing both international and localised support for customers of all sizes. The company offers bespoke and standard solutions to satisfy individual product requirements while also helping businesses achieve their sustainability goals.