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Jardines Pharmacy launches app to improve patient health outcomes

Leading UK patient relationship management platform Charac develops app for family-run
community pharmacy, making medication and healthcare services more accessible to patients

London, UK -- 22 April 2024 -- Today, family-run community pharmacy chain Jardines Pharmacy (“Jardines”), primarily based in Milton Keynes and Bedfordshire, announces the launch of the Jardines Pharmacy app in collaboration with Charac, the UK’s premier patient relationship management platform for pharmacies. Charac’s platform will help Jardines digitalise its services, improving operational effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Patients of Jardines can now use the Jardines Pharmacy app to order repeat prescriptions, access medicine home delivery and book consultations with their pharmacist all in one place, enhancing convenience and access to prescriptions for Jardines customers. This will also enable faster pharmacist-to-patient care.

By boosting prescription dispensing efficiency, Charac’s platform will reduce wait times for patients. At the same time, its delivery function will allow patients to track their orders through the app, altogether streamlining the patient experience.

Charac’s platform also minimises administrative and manual tasks for pharmacists, giving them more time to focus on helping patients and delivering the outstanding customer service Jardines is known for across all 50 stores in the family-run pharmacy chain.

With the recent launch of the Government’s Pharmacy First scheme at the end of January, a greater demand placed on pharmacy services nationwide. Patients suffering from various ailments, such as sore throats or shingles, are now encouraged to go to local pharmacies for treatment instead of GPs. The Jardines Pharmacy app allows customers to book appointments digitally for Pharmacy First consultations, blood pressure checks, earwax removal, travel vaccinations, and emergency contraception services.

Furthermore, Charac’s platform will relieve pressure on pharmacies facing increased demand due to Pharmacy First. Charac is helping community pharmacies to digitalise, making simple, effective technological upgrades to streamline pharmacy services. These enhancements will improve patient outcomes and allow pharmacies to keep nominations more effectively, gain new nominations, and increase profitability, with many community pharmacies facing financial challenges today.

Charac is on a mission to enhance the patient pharmacy experience and boost pharmacies’ efficiency across the UK and overseas. More than 20% of UK community pharmacies now use at least one of Charac’s modules. The whitelabel apps designed by Charac are tailored to relieve time pressures for pharmacists and ensure they have time to work on revenue-boosting activities and improve patient outcomes, helping keep them open, profitable, and serving their communities.

Charac has been backed by key industry players and institutions such as the National Pharmacy Association (NPA), AXS-listed MedAdvisor, and Royal Mail and has raised over £4m in funding since its inception.

The Jardines Pharmacy app is now available on Google Play and the App Store for patients.

Santosh Sahu, Founder and CEO of Charac, commented: "We are pleased to support Jardines Pharmacy and its patients across England. Our mission is to ensure that community pharmacies are empowered to digitalise, making care easier and more accessible for patients. As Britons are now being encouraged to first seek advice from their pharmacy before seeing a GP through the Government’s Pharmacy First service, we believe Charac’s solution will inspire community pharmacies across the UK to adopt technology that encourages patients to utilise the full range of services on offer at their local pharmacy.”

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About Jardines Pharmacy
Jardines Pharmacy is a family-run group of pharmacies predominantly based in Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire and surroundings areas. We pride ourselves on providing fast and friendly healthcare services to our customers.

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About Charac
Charac is on a mission to provide a one-stop digital platform for all independent community pharmacies to manage the complete patient experience effectively. Its technology allows independent community pharmacies to manage their patient relationships while improving patient retention actively. Charac enables pharmacies to deliver more primary and secondary care and private services to the benefit of the community and NHS, improving the long-term viability of the community pharmacy by addressing key structural issues in the sector, namely:

• An inability to manage the growing demand for consultations
• Antiquated and inefficient prescription and appointment management systems
• Delayed treatments due to a lack of ability to monitor medication need
• A heavy dependency on NHS revenues
• Intense competition from digital providers

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