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LASER COMPONENTS: International Strategy Pays Off

22 August 2023 -- Chelmsford, UK -- After the 40th company anniversary last year, the LASER COMPONETS Group will celebrate two more decisive milestones in the company's history in 2023. LASER COMPONENTS UK, the first sales office abroad, was opened 30 years ago. Ten years later, the LASER COMPONENTS Detector Group followed in Arizona. Since then, its components have complemented the pulsed laser diodes of LASER COMPONENTS Canada, Inc. which had been founded one year earlier. Both locations have since established themselves as important success factors for the group of companies.

LASER COMPONENTS UK not only sells products manufactured by the group in the United Kingdom. In the 30 years of its existence, the company has established an extensive network of trading partners that played a decisive role in shaping the British market for optical and optoelectronic components.
The Detector Group was founded in 2003 with a clear focus on the development and manufacture of avalanche photodiodes. Today, the site in Chandler, Arizona manufactures a wide variety of detector types – including InGaAs and silicon PIN photodiodes, PbX components for breath gas analysis and pyroelectric detectors for exhaust gas measurement and flame detection. With a new, state-of-the-art building opened in 2021, LASER COMPONENTS confirmed the importance of the Detector Group for the corporate group and its strategy for the future.

“30 and 20 years ago, we took a high risk by establishing sales and manufacturing locations abroad. In 1993, LASER COMPONENTS itself was still a relatively young company in a market whose full potential had not yet been realised. We also went all-in 20 years ago when we decided to start manufacturing optoelectronic components by ourselves," says Patrick Paul, CEO of the LASER COMPONENTS Group. "Today we know that both investments have paid off. Our international outlook is now an important part of our growth strategy.”


LASER COMPONENTS UK Ltd was founded in 1993. Since then the business has continued to grow and offer a high quality service. In August 1999, a new managing director, Chris Varney, was appointed. At the same time the business moved premises, and changed its contact details. Already the benefits have been felt with significant increase in business and further growth is being planned.
Quality remains our highest priority. Delivering high quality goods to our customer is maintained through a number of quality checks and together with our partner suppliers we continuously improve our systems and practices to meet the increasing demands on our business.