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LEON appoints Dr Setu Kasera as Chief Scientific Officer

  • Leon-nanodrugs GmbH (LEON) is a leading developer of innovative nano-encapsulation devices, seamlessly scalable from R&D to GMP market supply
  • New CSO to drive client-oriented product R&D and focus the Company’s efforts on completion of product development and preparation for market readiness

16 May 2023 -- Munich, Germany -- LEON-nanodrugs GmbH, a disrupting enabler of nanotechnology for the pharmaceutical industry, today announced the appointment of Dr Setu Kasera as Chief Scientific Officer. Since October 2022, Dr Kasera has been driving the development of LEON’s devices as head of Science and Engineering to put the proprietary technology to practice, while the Company has increased the pace of product development to get it across the finishing line. Dr Setu Kasera succeeds Dr Frank Stieneker, who developed the core of LEON’s innovative reactor technology for its GMP-tailored devices. He will continue to support the Company as an exclusive advisor.

Dr Robert Becker, chairman of the LEON Supervisory Board, said: “Setu has hands-on experience in nanotechnology and has already taken a leading role in bringing our technology to application. As CSO, Setu will continue the development of LEON’s devices to completion and tailor the product offering to LEON’s target groups. I also express my sincere gratitude to Frank Stieneker, who has been a vital driver in the development of LEON’s ingenious reactor technology and who has significantly contributed to LEON’s strategic outline. We are very pleased that we will continue to work with him and can count on his expertise and support in his new advisory role.”

“Conceiving LEON’s technology and, together with the team, putting theory to practice by realizing the FR-JET reactor, which now serves as a core piece of LEON’s manufacturing devices, was a truly rewarding experience,” commented Dr Frank Stieneker. “As I will continue to advise and support LEON in the future, I look forward to seeing the potential of LEON’s devices unfold and revolutionise the manufacturing of nanomedicines and ultimately, enhance access for patients.”


Dr Setu Kasera, CSO of LEON, added: “Managing the implementation of the FR-JET technology and seeing its performance first-hand, I can only underline that LEON’s encapsulation devices are certain to cause a disruptive impact in the R&D and GMP-manufacturing of nanomedicines. I take great pleasure in continuing to direct the development of LEON’s devices and, in facilitating the adaptation of this advanced technology to the processes of our business partners and clients, finally accelerating the timeline from drug development to patient.”

Dr Setu Kasera joined LEON as head of Science and Engineering and has been a strong team lead and driver of the progress of LEON’s research projects. She has strong expertise in nanotechnology from her R&D work at the University of Cambridge and independent research projects, together with solid experience in pharma operations and CMC (chemistry, manufacturing and controls). In various international in-house and consulting roles in the health industry she has gained capabilities in management, strategy and business development. Dr Setu Kasera received her MPhil and her PhD in chemistry from the University of Cambridge, UK, for her research in nanotechnology.

LEON's product platform is built on the Company’s proprietary innovative FR-JET Technology that enables a major efficiency improvement in the formulation process of active ingredients into nanodrug carriers such as lipid nanoparticles (LNPs). LEON's devices, NANOme and NANOus, are designed for aseptic processing, GMP compliance and quick scale-up. NANOme is optimised for small-scale individual patient and clinical trial-size production. NANOus is a fully automated, aseptic device enabling the LNP-encapsulation of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) from medium- to large-scale with high throughput using process analytical technology (PAT).

About LEON-Nanodrugs
LEON-nanodrugs GmbH is a pharmatech company specialising in the development and marketing of devices for the encapsulation of genetic material and other active substances into nanodrug carriers, such as lipid nanoparticles (LNPs). The Munich-based private company builds its innovative solutions based on its proprietary FR-JET Technology, enabling pharma companies and small biotechs as well as CDMOs to optimise nanomedicine manufacturing and take full advantage of the significant progress being made in advanced therapies. LEON's GMP-compliant, aseptic devices NANOme and NANOus increase efficiency in the production of nanodrug carriers and are suitable for both clinical-scale and commercial production. In addition to its product offering, LEON will provide in-house lab capacity for process development with its own devices.
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