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Meet Gaelic Laboratories, your trusted testing and manufacturing partner

Gaelic Laboratories unveils its new website today, launching an upgraded and expanded laboratory technology base for advanced analytical testing, and a newly re-fitted Beta-Lactam manufacturing facility, using the latest state-of-the art technology.

Gaelic Laboratories today announces its new website (, which contains details about this world-class Beta-Lactam (penicillin) manufacturer’s modernised HPRA-licensed facilities in Ireland, including newly-equipped laboratories offering rapid and cost-effective release testing.

Established in Ireland in April 2022, Gaelic Laboratories is located on a site that was formerly an established FDA-approved manufacturer of Beta-Lactams. The site has produced generic medicines for 40 years to the highest quality standards. Gaelic Laboratories now provides testing and Beta-Lactam manufacturing services to markets across the EU, UK and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

“We’ve been very fortunate that the levels of investment received have allowed us to obtain and build on some pretty advanced technologies and competencies,” explained Brain Morrissey, general manager of the Gaelic Laboratories site in Clonmel, Ireland. “We’ve managed to improve and expand our technology base to the most up-to-date standards. It’s really quite exciting walking around the place now and taking in the sight of all the new equipment!”

Focusing on microbiology, chemical, analytical and environmental testing, Gaelic Laboratories’ testing services include a full range of raw material testing (API/excipients), finished product and stability testing, route, process and cleaning validation and monitoring, quality control and regulatory administration.

The company is also a world-class manufacturer of a broad range of Beta-Lactam products in tablet, capsule and powder for suspension form. As well as manufacturing its own Beta-Lactam products (sold under the Gaelic Laboratories brand) Gaelic Laboratories offers contract manufacturing and packaging services for a range of Beta-Lactams.

“We are currently organising tours of the new facilities for potential new customers,“ reveals Brian. “It’s important that customers know they are getting the best services with the most up-to-date technology, so if they come and see for themselves, they can be sure that they are working with a trusted manufacturing and testing partner.”

As well as continuing to build on key technological assets, Gaelic Laboratories is currently investing in expanding its workforce to a capacity of over 100 people at the Clonmel site.
“We are going through an exciting period of growth, with opportunities for employment in our testing laboratories and at our manufacturing plant,” says Brian. “It’s great to be able to support the creation of highly-skilled jobs in Europe, contributing to the ‘Innovation Economy’ and offering positions that are directly involved in STEM.”

Gaelic Laboratories could provide the manufacturing and testing services you are looking for.

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