Natoli Engineering, an industry leader in tablet and encapsulation success

Natoli Engineering has made significant contributions to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Specialising in tablet compression and encapsulation technology, innovative machines, tooling and solutions that enhance tablet and encapsulation manufacturing processes, Natoli has advanced manufacturing technologies and practices worldwide

To grow is to evolve. We do that well at Natoli − investing in equipment, technology, training, education and R&D so our customers can rely on Natoli as a total solutions provider. Founded in 1973, Natoli Engineering leads the industry with 360° global support, contributing to our substantial growth and success delivering quality, world-class tablet compression tooling, tablet presses, encapsulation machines and replacement parts.

Our reputation is well earned: we deliver above and beyond our customers’ expectations, partnering with them every step of the way. We understand the challenges in formulation, manufacturing and the necessity of gaining efficiences for more profitability, therefore we establish certain processes in order to achieve the perfect tablet and capsule.

Natoli is a comprehensive solutions provider in the oral solid dose industry, providing the highest quality products and support. Customers count on Natoli for best-in-class quality parts, tools and machines, expedited delivery and our custom precision engineering. Our after-market products are engineered to a customer’s exact specifications – meeting and often exceeding the functionality and longevity of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications. From encapsulation parts, dosing discs, segments, alignment pins and sorting blocks to magazine assemblies.

Our commitment to our customers’ success in developing and producing the perfect capsule or tablet is no secret.

“Natoli Engineering has partnered with the Bombay College of Pharmacy, opening a fully-fledged research and training lab”
Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, award-winning engineering team, dedicated production crew, commitment to training, white-glove customer experience team and our unwavering commitment to expanding innovation and industry leadership through science and technology is how we continue to lead the industry.
At Natoli Scientific, our state-of-the-art R&D laboratory in Telford, Pennsylvania, US serves to meet customers’ needs to overcome challenges associated with the development and manufacture of solid products for various sectors, including pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, household products and industrial application. Our dynamic team of highly qualified PhD scientists provides support, from early to late development stages, for the pharmaceutical product.

We provide on-demand pragmatic solutions to save time and costs of the production cycle. With advanced laboratory facilities, we are dedicated to offering proactive solutions to the most difficult formulation challenges, providing formulation development services to troubleshoot tablet manufacturing issues on a molecular level, before they occur. Our proven expertise and experience in compression science provides tailored development and start-up manufacturing services for smooth sailing of your product to market.
Natoli has established the Natoli Institute of Industrial Pharmacy Research and Development (NIPRD) at Long Island University (LIU), US campus, dedicated to advancing knowledge in the field of pharmaceutical solid oral dosage formulation and engineering. We manage projects for customers in need of data and knowledge that can only be obtained by utilising a facility like the Natoli Institute to define the scope of the work to be done, the resources required for the job and costs to deliver the customers’ expectations. Together with Natoli Scientific, the NIPRD provides resources to the tabletting industry, including new product manufacturing studies, tablet tooling sticking and picking evaluations and new formulation technologies.

Bridging the gap between academics and the industrial aspect of pharmaceuticals, Natoli Engineering has partnered with the Bombay College of Pharmacy (BCP), India, opening a fully fledged research and training lab. The Natoli-BCP Research and Training Lab is the first such project of Natoli Engineering outside the US. The BCP, one of the top-ranking pharmacy colleges in the country with a rich legacy of over 65 years, became the first academic institution in South Asia to have such a facility.

Major products and services

Tablet press software
Natoli has been at the forefront of providing industry-leading software to provide essential data for R&D and large-scale production. TabletCAD, a free web-based tablet design platform and Natoli AIM analytical and control system software, is engineered for R&D and production tablet presses, encapsulation machines, high shear granulators and roller compactors.

Tablet and encapsulation products training
Our experts in-house provide hands-on training through courses like our Tablet Press & Tooling Applied Learning Experience, Tablet Manufacturing Process Training, Tablet Characterisation with Regulatory Compliance Methods – USP<1062>.

Scientific research and training

Natoli-BCP research and training lab
Catering to pre-formulation training services to postgraduates and pharmaceutical professionals, calibration and manufacturing start-up services, an analytics lab and formulation support.

Natoli scientific and LIU
Natoli Scientific and the NIPRD provides resources to the tabletting industry, including new product manufacturing studies, tablet tooling sticking and picking evaluations and new formulation technologies.

Tablet compression tooling
Natoli manufactures carbide-tip, multi-tip, single-tip, 3D exotic shape, rotating heads/tips and extended head flat punches, plus lined dies, tool coatings and IMA Comprima tooling.

Tablet presses
Natoli offers a diverse line of best-in-class tablet press options, from single-station R&D laboratory models to heavy-duty production presses.

Premium tablet replacement parts
Natoli maintains an extensive inventory of tablet press replacement parts for use with most major brands.

Premium encapsulation machines, change parts and spare parts
The NCF-45 Encapsulation Machine. Perfect for small to medium-scale production and R&D. The preferred encapsulation machine for marginal and poor flowing formulations. We also offer premium spare parts, change parts, and customised change kits for most major brands.

Tablet compression accessories
Natoli offers the most comprehensive accessories catalogue in the industry, featuring items to help care for, analyse and prolong the life of tooling and equipment.

Tablet and tooling design
Natoli offers TabletCAD, a free web-based tablet design programme, which provides a simple way to create tablets to exact specifications, with a direct link to the manufacturing process.

The Natoli advantage
A unique cost-savings initiative designed to increase efficiency through global standardised processes, training and the management of tablet compression and encapsulation tooling.

Facilities/major markets

Natoli Engineering serves its clients with facilities on both US coasts as well as in Europe. Our Midwest headquarters in St Charles, Missouri, US is home to our administrative, manufacturing, refurbishing, training and metallurgy facilities.

Natoli Technical Centers in Long Island, NY, US; Southern California, US and Szczecin, Poland, offer regional customer support with parts, accessories, tooling refurbishing, maintenance and training.

Natoli Scientific’s laboratory in Telford, PA, provides formulation evaluation, training, contract research and consulting services.

As president of Natoli Engineering, Dale Natoli is committed to innovations and technological advancements that benefit every aspect of the tablet compression industry. With 50 years of experience, he has made significant contributions to the global pharmaceutical industry. His contribution as the author of Tooling for Pharmaceutical Processing published in the 3rd edition of Pharmaceutical Dosage Form: Tablets and Vol 15 of the Encyclopedia of Pharmaceutical Technology is considered invaluable within the industry. Dale has also served as a board member for the 3rd edition of the Tablet Specification Manual.