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Novozymes Is at the Forefront of Digital R&D, Turning Data Into an Advantage With Benchling R&D Cloud

Global biologics leader expands its use of Benchling to create a central source of truth across all R&D

SAN FRANCISCO, November 17, 2022 – Benchling, the R&D Cloud powering the biotechnology industry, today announced that Novozymes, the global leader in biological solutions, will expand the use of the Benchling R&D Cloud across its entire R&D organization. After initially rolling out Benchling to improve collaboration and accelerate innovation within select strain and engineering research and development (R&D) teams, the company determined Benchling was the right solution to create a central source of truth for data, collaboration, and insights across all Novozymes’ R&D teams.

Technology innovation and a digitally connected lab have been core to Novozymes’ industry leadership. Whether working with yeast, fungi, or bacteria, scientists at Novozymes need to capture a growing volume of complex strain data, share this in real time across teams, and ensure high-quality data and analysis. Benchling provides Novozymes’ scientists and engineers with a unified, scientifically aware platform to design sequences and strains, scale up development processes, and manage sample traceability.

“Novozymes’ scientists work at a scale and speed that is truly impressive — continuously developing novel products and testing new ideas in a pace where 30% of sales comes from new solutions. We require software that can keep up, and even help accelerate it by making our workflows connected and collaborative,” said Claus Crone Fuglsang, Chief Science Officer at Novozymes. “Benchling is built for modern science and is helping us to realize a digitally optimized lab.”

As part of its lab automation and digital innovation process, Novozymes ensures that information from every step of product development — from early discovery to application testing, upscaling the final product, can be easily found, classified, and shareable across teams — following the FAIR principles. Using Benchling, R&D teams are able to lower the barrier to structured data capture, improve confidence in data, and enable design-build-test-learn (DBTL) cycles, ultimately increasing R&D lifecycle efficiency. Benchling’s modern digital R&D solution combines the capabilities expected from Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELN), Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), and in silico design tools into one cohesive user experience and data platform. The result for Novozymes: scientists are equipped with the software to continue changing the way the world sees and thinks about industrial enzymes and microorganisms.

“Novozymes is doing the critical work of developing new strain technologies that are needed for a more sustainable future,” said Sajith Wickramasekara, co-founder and CEO of Benchling. “We are helping their scientists globally spend less time on time-consuming data entry, management, and analysis — and more time on the actual science. Given the pace of Novozymes’ innovation and the demand for their solutions, we look forward to helping them get to milestone and market even faster."

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