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Pharma Targeting launches FMCG Targeting

27 June 2023 -- London, UK -- Pharma Targeting, a leading global pharmaceutical market intelligence and data company, and one of the Targeting Group companies, has today launched FMCG Targeting, a super connector service exclusively for FMCG service providers. The bespoke research house with a backbone of world class FMCG marketing consultants and analysts offers FMCG companies the opportunity to save money, increase team time and accelerate commercial success in the marketplace.

FMCG Targeting’s 3 Step Model has helped clients generate double digit increases in request for proposals (RFPs) and new and unexpected bottom-line revenue, as well as saving teams 70% of dead time. The model includes a market mapper – checked by 250 PHD analysts and scored using FMCG Targeting’s Probability Matrix – bespoke contacts not in the public domain and digital marketing.

FMCG Targeting and Pharma Targeting founder and managing director, Anil Kumar, said: “Working exclusively with FMCG service providers, we act as an outsourced brain for our clients. We can get you to the right person, with the right money, at the right time so you can be first to market. Every single product we offer was born out of a client need, adjusted and implemented to help them make money and save time. Our 3 Step Model can give you new ideas and save you time you could be spending nurturing relationships and closing business. We are extraordinary for the right people.”

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