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PhoreMost appoints Professor Peter Parker and Dr Jason Imbriglio to Scientific Advisory Board

Experts in translational oncology and targeted protein degradation join Dr Simon Cook, Dr Lorenz Mayr and Dr Catherine Beech to provide scientific and strategic oversight

17 July 2023 -- Cambridge, UK -- PhoreMost, a leading UK biopharmaceutical company unlocking the next generation of drug targets, today announced Professor Peter Parker and Dr Jason Imbriglio as members of its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). Professor Parker and Dr Imbriglio will join existing SAB members, Dr Simon Cook (institute director, Babraham Institute and PhoreMost SAB chair), Dr Lorenz Mayr (CEO, Vector Biopharma AG) and Dr Catherine Beech (CEO, Exonate). The new appointments’ extensive expertise in translational oncology and targeted protein degradation (TPD) strengthen the SAB and support strategic development of the company’s pipeline of novel E3 ligase-based ‘next-generation’ degrader therapeutics, focused within oncology.


Professor Peter Parker is an Emeritus Professor at The Francis Crick Institute and at King’s College London. He has published over 380 primary research articles and reviews, and been recognised by the scientific community, having been elected to the European Molecular Biology Organisation (1997), the Academy of Medical Sciences (2000), the Royal Society (2006) and the European Academy of Cancer Sciences (2011). Peter’s research interests have a strong oncology focus and include protein kinase signalling, biomarker identification and the development of targeted therapies.


Dr Jason Imbriglio has over 18 years’ experience in drug discovery and medicinal chemistry. He has held a range of senior positions in Merck’s Global Discovery Chemistry department, most recently as director of Chemical Biology, leading teams from target identification through to lead optimisation. As co-founder of Merck’s Chemical Biology group and co-lead of its TPD group, Jason contributed to the discovery of five development candidates and three INDs. Currently, he is co-founder and VP head of Discovery Chemistry, Applied Modelling and Pharmacology at Covant Therapeutics.

Dr Christian Dillon, chief scientific officer at PhoreMost, commented: “I am thrilled to welcome Peter and Jason to our SAB. The additional expertise they bring in translational oncology and targeted protein degradation will significantly contribute to PhoreMost’s success in developing novel degrader therapeutics and marks an exciting stage in our development. Attracting such experienced scientists is a testament to the progress we have made in developing our SITESEEKER technology and the potential of our drug discovery programmes.”

About PhoreMost Ltd 
Powered by its proprietary SITESEEKER technology, PhoreMost is developing a pipeline of novel E3 ligase-based ‘next-generation’ targeted protein degradation (TPD) therapeutics, focused within oncology. TPD is a promising new way to eliminate toxic or disease-associated targets from cells, with degradation-based therapies now becoming an integral approach to tackling undruggable targets. SITESEEKER can systematically identify functionally-active binding sites on drug targets, including E3 ligases, enabling the discovery of new target-specific and tissue selective mechanisms to unlock TPD’s full potential. PhoreMost also has a number of disclosed alliances across diverse therapeutic areas with partners including: Roche, Otsuka, Boehringer Ingelheim, Oxford Biomedica and Sentinel Oncology. Visit: