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Sphere Fluidics updates brand identity to align with ambitious, global commercial growth strategy

  • New branding reflects customer-centric approach and showcases pioneering, single cell analysis technology
  • Rebrand follows a period of significant growth for the Company, including key leadership team appointments, state-of-the-art facility expansion, and new scientific partnerships

23 May 2023 -- Cambridge, UK -- Sphere Fluidics, a company developing single cell analysis systems underpinned by its patented picodroplet technology, today announced the introduction of new branding to align with its ambitious global commercial growth strategy. The update has been introduced to better reflect the Company’s customer-centric approach and showcase its pioneering single cell discovery and analysis technology, following a period of significant growth and programme success.

Sphere Fluidics’ range of novel cell encapsulation products for single cell analysis and isolation are aimed at easing customer workflows to accelerate scientific discovery. The company’s proprietary platform, Cyto-Mine, uses its picodroplet microfluidic technology and is capable of screening up to 40 million cells in several hours, while maintaining viability, to greatly increase throughput and support acceleration of biopharmaceutical discovery and development, cell therapy and synthetic biology workflows. Sphere Fluidics’ core focus is on working with scientists to solve throughput challenges.

The company has seen a period of significant expansion over the last twelve months, including a series of new appointments within the senior leadership team, appointment of a new chairman to the Board of Directors, expansion to its new facilities at Granta Park, Cambridge, UK, and the recent announcement of its involvement in the EU-funded research programme, 3DSecret. 3DSecret is bringing together multidisciplinary experts to develop cutting-edge technologies to investigate the stochastic patterns behind metastasis at the single-cell level, to predict cancer evolution.

Dr Frank F Craig, CEO of Sphere Fluidics, commented: “We’re focused on transforming single cell screening and isolation, working alongside customers to streamline their workflows. The rebrand signifies our ongoing commitment to growth, the strength of our position in the market as specialists in single cell analysis, and as providers of future-proof technology in this field.”

Dr Claire Cox, Director of Global Marketing at Sphere Fluidics, added: “Our new identity is a natural progression, as we strive to ensure our brand reflects our customer-centric, forward-thinking, innovative ethos. The change in look and tone is part of this evolution, reflecting the enormous growth and positive change Sphere Fluidics has undergone in the last year, in terms of recruitment in exceptional talent and senior leadership.”

About Sphere Fluidics 
Sphere Fluidics develops and manufactures single cell analysis and monoclonality assurance systems to enable researchers to find, analyse and isolate the most valuable cells, with ease and speed. Sphere Fluidics’ proprietary picodroplet incubation platform is designed specifically for single-cell screening and isolation, allowing users to encapsulate and analyse single cells within a droplet, while maintaining viability. Harnessing this technology, the company’s range of novel microfluidic tools facilitate leading edge research and accelerate biotherapeutic discovery and development, cell therapy and synthetic biology workflows, streamlining the journey of discovery in labs, globally.
The company’s flagship product, Cyto-Mine, provides an integrated system with the ability to select, manipulate, analyse and isolate cells, through an easy-to-use and intuitive interface that can automatically screen up to 40 million cells in a matter of hours.
Sphere Fluidics is based at Granta Park in Cambridgeshire (UK). The Company has also internationalised its business via a global network of distributors. Visit: