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The only LIMS platform fully developed on FAIR data principles launches at Bio-IT World 2023

The Labbit LIMS platform delivers FAIR-compliant, truly interoperable data from day one, driving operational efficiencies, improved cross-collaboration, and quicker, better-informed decision making

25 May 2023 -- Massachusetts, US -- In response to the data management needs of laboratories worldwide, Labbit emerges as a game-changer in the industry. Unlike any other LIMS platforms available, Labbit has been built as FAIR from the ground up and so data is findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable from day one. As a cloud-based platform, it offers unlimited flexibility, allowing laboratories to streamline their operations by tailoring the platform to align with their unique processes and workflows. What’s more, the platform enables any number of integrations (including with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) software) and limitless scaling, providing a future-proof system that can evolve as fast as an organisation’s needs.

Today, most LIMS are inflexible, use non-standard data formats and are built on old databases that restrict access to data when you need it, in the format scientists, data scientists and business leaders need it in. These conventional systems rely on locked down data models, which prevent laboratories from easily capturing emergent data and metadata, making it difficult and time-consuming to complete audits while also preventing real-time problem solving.

To meet the challenges faced by laboratories, Labbit takes a progressive approach, by collecting data using international standards, including W3-PROV, and storing it in a knowledge graph RDF database. This cutting-edge methodology ensures that all contextual information is encoded in machine-readable metadata, which empowers users with unparalleled data accessibility and sharing capabilities. With Labbit, laboratories can effortlessly incorporate additional fields, conduct ad-hoc queries and capture data with the utmost precision. Due to the platform’s boundless flexibility and limitless scalability, Labbit is the ideal solution for high-growth and complex laboratories, which are often hindered by having to manage several cumbersome informatics systems that do not ideally meet their needs.

"After investing more than 300,000 hours designing and implementing software solutions for labs that push the boundaries of throughput, complexity and innovation, we learned that the ideal informatics solution is easy-to-maintain with flexible integrations, powerful visual workflow creation tools, easily accessible data and metadata, and is fully scalable." explained Dave Bell, head of Product Engineering. "That’s why we developed Labbit, a FAIR-data LIMS that supports, manages, controls and visualises the entire laboratory workflow lifecycle, from ideation to verification and validation, and operational scaling."

"We’re now delighted to invite customers to use Labbit and discover how this powerful tool can transform their workflows and truly bring efficiencies to their laboratories," continued Peter Smith, CEO. "In 2023, we will partner with a select number of customers, and invite labs who are looking to work with a deeply experienced provider to configure a genuinely flexible, interoperable laboratory informatics platform that enables them to grow and be FAIR compliant, to get in touch."

About Labbit
Labbit is the brainchild of the Canadian software company Semaphore Solutions. Semaphore is a team of 65 informatics experts with a long history of supporting laboratories with LIMS implementation, customisation and custom software. Under development since 2019, the Labbit LIMS platform is built on FAIR data principles and leverages advanced technologies such as knowledge graph databases and BPMN. Labbit offers laboratories unparalleled flexibility, data accessibility and collaborative support. Having invested more than 300,000 hours designing and implementing software solutions for laboratories, the Semaphore/Labbit team is committed to empowering organisations to enhance their operations, drive efficiency and achieve scientific excellence by removing the friction that software so often applies to labs. To speak to a consultant about becoming one of the first labs to experience Labbit, the new generation of LIMS, visit