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Todaro Robotics and Abwiz Bio celebrate milestone with laboratory automation solutions

06 April, 2023 -- California, US -- Todaro Robotics, Inc, a leading laboratory automation and robotics company based in San Diego, has achieved a major milestone with its flagship client Abwiz Bio, Inc - a company that speeds up the development of high impact monoclonal antibodies with its proprietary phage display technology.

The milestone of operating continuously a very complex system for over two years, has demonstrated the effectiveness of integrated laboratory automation solutions, as well as unique methods and protocols to help keep pace with the ever-evolving life science industry.

Announcing the milestone, James Slatic, co-founder of Todaro, commented, "We at Todaro have greatly appreciated the partnership with the leading-edge science at Abwiz. As the life science industry has grown, the research services provided by Abwiz are ever more important. We believe that partnership like this is the future of laboratory automation with specialists helping scientists to enhance the capabilities of both companies and deliver greater value to both company’s clients."


Dr CJ Okumura, CEO of Abwiz, added, "We use the Todaro designed lab automation solution on a daily basis to offer its high throughput capabilities to our customers. As our clients' science is evolving, we will always respond with the latest products and services to help. The collaboration between the two industry leaders represents a positive step in the way both businesses address the needs of the market."

Todaro’s automation solutions for Abwiz uses a wide variety of lab equipment, with which clients' timelines and budgets can be easily achieved. As automation continues to accelerate in the modern life science lab, Todaro will offer solutions with integration, programming, enclosures, and accessories to help Abwiz clients achieve their scientific goals.

About Todaro Robotics, Inc
Todaro Robotics, Inc. is a leading laboratory automation and robotics company based in San Diego, California. As part of its mission, the company wants to provide quality and easy-to-use robotics and laboratory automation solutions that deliver success for its customers. With clients located nationally, Todaro Robotics provides a wide range of automation solutions for modern life science labs. Visit:

About Abwiz, Inc
Abwiz, Inc. was founded in 2012 by two problem-solving drug discovery scientists in San Diego. Abwiz Bio goes the extra mile to deliver successful antibodies, especially for tough targets, to R&D teams. By combining highly optimized phage display technology with our patented library construction method, we make rare monoclonal antibodies easily attainable. Visit: