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Tunable Laser: 2um Broadband PM Fibre Laser

LASER COMPONENTS is pleased to offer the TENOR-2000 from Cybel which is a wavelength tunable PM fibre laser. It has a broadband wavelength tuning range of 1900 to 2050nm and is available with >1W output power.

The signal wavelength has a spectral width of 0.05nm over a continuous 150nm tunable wavelength range with an optical signal to noise ratio (OSNR) of > 50dB. The isolated output power is delivered via a single mode PM fibre with polarisation extinction ratio (PER) of >20dB. The output power is scalable to more than 5W of single transverse mode and this unit is housed in a 19 inch benchtop designed with either a manual control of the wavelength tuning or via a USB computer interface. For smaller package requirements there is an OEM unit available.

This tunable laser is available in other custom wavelengths within the 2µm window and with output power 50mW to 5W with single frequency operation, it also features a <0.05nm linewidth. It comes with either standard or ALL-PM versions and has the option for an optical output tap if required.


Applications include;

• Laser pumping
• High energy physics
• Testing and measurement
• Plastic processing
• Interferometry & spectroscopy
• Medical

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