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Vantage Nutrition LLC acquires ComboCap Inc.

This acquisition positions Vantage Nutrition as the only company in the world supplying Sidebyside health products to nutritional and pharmaceutical markets, for enhanced combinations.

27 March, 2023 -- Vantage Nutrition, an ACG group company announces full shareholding ownership of ComboCap Inc (USA) and BioCap (South Africa).

ComboCap is renowned for the invention and commercialization of its Sidebyside technology, the world’s first three-piece capsule health product that contains an internal divider, enabling wet and dry ingredients to be brought to market side by side, separated-but-together. Backed by 80 international patent awards ComboCap has been supplying nutritional brand customers with unique finished product solutions out of its cutting-edge cGMP plant in NJ, USA. This acquisition marks a significant milestone for Vantage Nutrition and ACG, as it further expands its technology and customer solutions footprint in North America and around the world.

ACG is the world’s largest integrated supplier of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical solid dosage products and services. Vantage Nutrition, an ACG group company, already has an excellent reputation as an innovator of liquid filled capsule solutions. ComboCap marks Vantage Nutrition’s second US investment in less than a year, and first in S.A, after Philadelphia-based ‘AquaCap’ was acquired from Nestlé S.A. With this expansion of manufacturing capabilities and patented technology, along with the commitment to delivering integrated solutions and cutting-edge technology, Vantage Nutrition aims to provide the most comprehensive and advanced multiphase solutions to customers globally.

Karan Singh, Managing Director at ACG, said: "As one of world’s largest producers of empty hard-shell capsules, at ACG we have often thought, what next? Strengthening our portfolio of most comprehensive vegetarian and gelatin capsules, in every imaginable size, I am thrilled to announce the acquisition of ComboCap Inc and BioCap. We now will hold the patented design and specialized equipment used in producing the world’s first 2-in-1 capsule product with a movable membrane, becoming the sole proprietor of this technology globally.

“With our partners, we will usher a new era in new combinations of dietary supplements, and even non-prescription or over-the counter (OTC) remedies as well as prescription (Rx) medicines to be delivered in a single dose. This technological breakthrough is a solution to current formulation challenges with many combination therapies, including incompatible ingredients or molecules. Capsules are arguably the safest and most reliable way to deliver medicine and we at ACG strive to make it better.”

Tobie Louw, a Founder and CEO of ComboCap Inc, said: “Vantage Nutrition is the perfect partner for our business, and we are very excited to be part of the ACG family. We share a passion for innovation and the commitment to bring nutraceutical and pharmaceutical customers the best possible solutions and services. By joining forces and leveraging our collective capabilities we’ll no doubt bring Sidebyside to nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets the world over.”

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