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X-Chem and Kymera Expand Existing Partnership

WALTHAM, Mass.; Jan. 31, 2023 (Business Wire) – X-Chem, the leading provider of innovative solutions in early-stage drug discovery, today announced the expansion of its collaboration with Kymera Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: KYMR). With the expanded agreement, X-Chem will serve as the primary provider of DNA-encoded library (DEL)-based screening services to Kymera — with X-Chem applying its world-leading DEL platform to support Kymera’s discovery of first- and best-in-class protein degraders. The expanded partnership comprises 12 targets and grants Kymera exclusive rights to compounds discovered within the collaboration.

“Having worked with multiple DEL providers, we have been impressed with the quality of X-Chem’s libraries and their scientific rigor,” said Nello Mainolfi, Ph.D., Founder, President and CEO of Kymera Therapeutics. “Kymera’s unique target selection strategy is critical to our success, and X-Chem has been a valued partner in helping us to unlock challenging disease targets that can be only or best addressed by targeted protein degradation. We look forward to extending our collaboration and working together to discover revolutionary new medicines.”

Matt Clark, CEO of X-Chem, said, “The team at Kymera has built an amazing company that is a leader in the targeted protein degradation field. We are delighted to be able to work more closely with Kymera and help them discover more compounds that positively impact patients.”

About X-Chem
X-Chem is a leader in small molecule drug discovery services for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. As pioneers of DNA-encoded chemical library (DEL) technology, the company leverages its market-leading DEL platform to discover novel small molecule leads against challenging, high-value therapeutic targets. As experts in medicinal chemistry, X-Chem can take those leads and progress them to clinical candidates with unmatched speed. Throughout the process, X-Chem’s advanced proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology accelerates all steps in the process. X-Chem also provides libraries, reagents and informatic tools to allow DEL operators to get the most of their DEL platform. X-Chem empowers its partners to effectively build drug pipelines from target to clinical candidate, enhanced with AI. Visit:

About Kymera Therapeutics
Kymera is a biopharmaceutical company pioneering the field of targeted protein degradation, a transformative approach to address disease targets and pathways inaccessible with conventional therapeutics. Kymera’s Pegasus platform is a powerful drug discovery engine, advancing novel small molecule programs designed to harness the body’s innate protein recycling machinery to degrade dysregulated, disease-causing proteins. With a focus on undrugged nodes in validated pathways, Kymera is advancing a pipeline of novel therapeutic candidates designed to address the most promising targets and provide patients with more effective treatments. Kymera’s initial programs target IRAK4, IRAKIMiD, and STAT3 within the IL-1R/TLR or JAK/STAT pathways, and the MDM2 oncoprotein, providing the opportunity to treat patients with a broad range of immune-inflammatory diseases, hematologic malignancies, and solid tumors. For more information, visit