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X-Chem Announces Achievement of Collaboration Milestone

WALTHAM, Mass.; Dec. 5, 2023 (Business Wire)
X-Chem, a global leader in innovative drug discovery services, announces the achievement of a drug discovery milestone, following a partner’s attainment of a development candidate. Relay Therapeutics, a leader in cutting-edge approaches to drug discovery, utilized X-Chem’s DNA-Encoded Library (DEL) platform to perform hit finding intended to discover molecules with differentiated pharmacological properties. The resulting molecule led to a development candidate — a milestone under the companies’ collaboration agreement and to progress in evaluation.

Relay Therapeutics is an incredibly innovative company with a unique approach to drug discovery,” said X-Chem CEO Matt Clark. “We are immensely proud that our collaboration was able to provide a compelling starting point for Relay Therapeutics’ drug discovery campaign that led to a development candidate. We look forward to seeing Relay bring these innovations forward to the benefit of patients.”

About X-Chem

X-Chem, Inc. is a leader in small molecule drug discovery services for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. As pioneers of DNA-encoded chemical library (DEL) technology, the company leverages its market-leading DEL platform to discover novel small molecule leads against challenging, high-value therapeutic targets. As experts in medicinal chemistry, X-Chem can take those leads and progress them to clinical candidates with unmatched speed. Throughout the process, X-Chem’s advanced proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology accelerates all steps in the process. X-Chem also provides libraries, reagents and informatic tools to allow DEL operators to get the most of their DEL platform. X-Chem empowers its partners to effectively build drug pipelines from target to clinical candidate, enhanced with AI.