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CO2 Beam Expanders

Beam expanders are used in CO2 laser systems to aid beam guidance over long distances and increase power density at the focal point. LASER COMPONENTS offer beam expanders composed of two ZnSe lenses, suitable up to medium power levels of 100W.

1 May 2024Product Profile
Cytomos offers sneak preview of flagship technology at the London Biotechnology Show 2024

TechBio company Cytomos ( will be giving visitors to this year’s London Biotechnology Show a sneak preview of Celledonia – its flagship technology that utilises the company’s patented AuraCyt platform.

30 April 2024Product Profile
Experience the NanoZoomer S20 Digital Slide Scanner

Unlock the power of interoperability and scalability with the NanoZoomer S20 digital slide scanner, C16300-01 – the ultimate solution for your lab's evolving needs. Our focus is on providing you with a seamless experience, tailored to fit your unique workflow, regardless of the size or scope of your laboratory.

28 February 2024Product Profile
Cherwell launches Redipor® Beta Bags to support continuous manufacturing of sterile medicinal

Cherwell, cleanroom microbiology solutions expert, has launched the Redipor® Beta Bag to ensure the safe transfer of ready-to-use gamma-irradiated prepared media into sterile manufacturing environments. This new multiple-use product transfer bag can reduce risk, cost and time in environmental monitoring (EM) processes during continuous manufacturing of sterile medicinal products.

29 January 2024Product Profile
Tunable Laser: 2um Broadband PM Fibre Laser

LASER COMPONENTS is pleased to offer the TENOR-2000 from Cybel which is a wavelength tunable PM fibre laser. It has a broadband wavelength tuning range of 1900 to 2050nm and is available with >1W output power.

16 January 2024Product Profile
Lab automation: the future of life sciences

'Increasing economic challenges like market vitality, product diversification and cost pressure lead to the need for faster process design' − and that is not to mention the shorter innovation cycles and increasing demand for small batch production. The module type package suite from COPA-DATA meets these needs

24 September 2023Laboratory Automation

12 September 2023 -- Chelmsford, UK -- The FLEXPOINT dot laser modules have been engineered to meet the increasing demands of industries such as industrial manufacturing, medical technology, research and beyond.

11 September 2023Press Releases
LASER COMPONENTS: International Strategy Pays Off

22 August 2023 -- Chelmsford, UK -- After the 40th company anniversary last year, the LASER COMPONETS Group will celebrate two more decisive milestones in the company's history in 2023. LASER COMPONENTS UK, the first sales office abroad, was opened 30 years ago. Ten years later, the LASER COMPONENTS Detector Group followed in Arizona.

21 August 2023Microscopy
Custom Optical Substrates

15 August 2023 -- Chelmsford, UK -- LASER COMPONENTS manufacturers laser optics and specialises in custom optical coatings from small to high volumes, using E-beam, IAD and IBS deposition methods.

14 August 2023Press Releases
VIEW-IT Infrared Laser Detector Kit

15 August 2023 -- Chelmsford, UK -- LASER COMPONENTS, a global leader in photonics and optoelectronics, is excited to unveil the innovative VIEW-IT Infrared Laser Detector Kit, featuring the revolutionary Pocket Card and Wand Detectors. This cutting-edge kit marks a significant advancement in laser detection technology, offering professionals a comprehensive solution for accurate and efficient detection of infrared (IR) laser emissions.

14 August 2023Press Releases
Essential Instruments for Maintenance & Installation of Fibre Optic Networks: Fiber Scope with WiFi

3 August 2023 -- Chelmsford, UK -- Fibre optic connection equipment and racks are becoming increasingly dense and difficult to access. Cramped communications closets, dense data centres and tower installs make it difficult to carry and use traditional fibre optic connector inspection equipment.

2 August 2023Press Releases